Jonathan Oxer

Jonathan Oxer has been labeled "Australia's Geekiest Man" and has been hacking on both hardware and software since he was a little tacker. He is past-President of Linux Australia, and founder and Technical Director of Internet Vision Technologies. He is author of a number of books including How To Build A Website And Stay Sane, Ubuntu Hacks, and Quickstart Guide to Google AdWords. He has been surgically implanted with an RFID chip and and is set to host an upcoming TV show called SuperHouse featuring high-tech home renovation, open-source automation systems, and domestic hardware hacking, and has appeared on top-rating TV shows and been interviewed on dozens of radio stations about technology he has developed. He was Technical Supervisor for the first season of the new reality-TV show “The Phone”, has connected his car to the Internet as part of Geek My Ride and is also a member of the core team of Lunar Numbat, an Australian group working with the European team White Label Space on an unmanned moon mission for the Google Lunar X-Prize.

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Hugh Blemings

Hugh BlemingsHugh Blemings has been working on Free software since the mid-90's for fun and as a (still rather fun) paid gig since 1999. He was co-author of the gnokii project, developed kernel device drivers for the Keyspan USB-serial adaptors and most recently has done some porting work for embedded PowerPC platforms.

Hugh worked at IBM's Linux Technology Centre as a Open Source Hacker in the Canberra based OzLabs team for just shy of eight years and is now part of the Canonical team working in the kernel group.

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