Weather Station Receiver shield now available from Freetronics

Mon, May 31 2010: Filed under

Posted by Jonathan Oxer

The Weather Station Receiver project has been crazy-popular, and now you can buy a pre-assembled 433MHz Receiver Shield from Freetronics so you don't even have to build the circuit yourself. Just plug it in, load the sketch into your Arduino, and away you go.

Even better, the Freetronics version of the shield uses an RXB6 module instead of the RXB1 that we used in the original project.

The RXB6 is a multi-mode module with better sensitivity than the RXB1, and by loading different firmware it can operate in different ways. The Freetronics shields are fitted with an RXB6 running on firmware that makes it behave in the same way as an RXB1 so it remains fully compatible with the original design while giving the advantage of greater sensitivity.

Check them out: Freetronics 433MHz Receiver Shield for Arduino.

Modelling river systems with Arduino water flow gauge

Tue, May 4 2010: Filed under Cool Stuff

Posted by Jonathan Oxer

Yet another spin-off I could never have predicted is a group in Illinois who have used the water flow gauge project in a river-system simulator. This is uber-cool:

As Steve Gough mentions in the blog post "Open source science tools at LLRD", river simulators normally require use of US$600 flow gauges and being able to do the same thing for about $75 with an Arduino and a few other parts is a big deal. Check out their excellent work at

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